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Have you ever asked yourself what purpose that old 80’s computer your dad put away in the garage at some point could serve nowadays?

This lady got an old Commodore 64 and actually used it to build a BASS GUITAR! That’s correct.

How badly do you want it? I want one of those BAD!

Check it out:


Wildphyr live!

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Music
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One of the bands I have the pleasure to be part of will be playing live at King King on the 17th of November.

To warm up for the show, I’m leaving you guys with a little video of a show we played recently. Hope you dig it.

Have yourself a wonderful Wednesday!

I’m not sure where you guys get all of your music from but in the age of streaming, certain features may be quite helpful, especially when all you need is some me-time of pure music listening, no intervals, no advertising.

I recently found a plug in for Google Chrome, which is one of my favorite, most used browsers that might also help you.

SoundControl for Pandora will mute commercials and help you out by letting you enjoy a flawless musical experience! I love it! Click here to check it out.

“Don’t make people pay for music. Let them.”

We found this Ted Talk with The Dresden Dolls‘ Amanda Palmer quite interesting. She tells her particularly interesting story in a way that makes you think that we might have gotten this whole Music Biz system wrong.

She looks deep into the soul of the performer and the fan and creates a bridge that is lighter than sound, more sturdy than stone. I think you might want to check it out…

Have a nice weekend!