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Everybody’s favorite grunge band will never stop bringing fans of all walks of life together. Eery bit of news story regarding Nirvana is enough to make people stop anything they are doing to learn more of what it’s all about.

Kurt Cobain’s spell is never going to be easy to break.

Recently, Nirvana’s bass player Krist Novoselic was interviewed about the late Cobain’s somewhat strange lyrics and their meanings. According to Novoselic, he believes that Cobain’s lyrics were always open, meaning they didn’t have to be interpreted in a particular way.

According to the bass player “there is imagery on [Nirvana’s third and final album, ‘In Utero’] that I would never express to people.” During the interview with Rolling Stone mag, Novoselic said about Nirvana’s lyrics “we’re each entitled to our own interpretations. But none of them are the definitive one. He’s the only one who can give that — and he’s gone.  And he never gave one while he was alive.”

Cobain’s art was also somewhat strange and difficult to interpret. Some even thought his art to be disturbing. During the interview, Novoselic also talked about the type of art Cobain was into and how some of the stuff he did for In Utero resembled “creepy dolls.”

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