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Cream, the English rock group has influenced several generations. It wasn’t only the band that made Eric Clapton famous, it was also the band that helped to bring the spotlight over one of the most high-profile bass players of his generation.

You might not like his style but Jack Bruce was an essential figure at the time and one of the main reasons why the Cream trio was so heavily influenced by blues. But before he was a member of Cream, he was a member of the Graham Bond Organisation, which was mainly a jazz/blues group. Ginger Baker, Cream’s drummer, was also part of the group.

The magazine Bass Player decided to look into “Big Boss Man” to explore Bruce’s style.

And here’s the band playing Hoochie Coochie Man:



Les Claypool is an awesome dude.

He’s not only the frontman of Primus, he’s also a film director and writer. What many people aren’t really aware is that he’s also a keen fly-fisher. He was interviewed for Fly Fishing the World. During one of his interviews, he claimed he loves the ocean but finds surfing quite terrifying, especially because of the countless horror stories he has heard of friends being in terrible accidents while on a surfboard.

The coolest thing about Claypool though is the fact he wrote the theme song for South Park!

Here’s the man himself talking about the South Park theme:



Real-world practicing tips on how to play are hard to come by.

I would like to help you guys to learn how to play better and practice your bass like you mean it, but you must first be TOTALLY INTO your instrument.

I made a video to share some of my tips where I teach you that it’s always best not to lock your joints, to play on top of the fret, and always find ways to practice without your bass! By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube page, what are you waiting for!? 😀

Video is below:


You might not be crazy about the whole disco era, we sure understand, but we found a 10-piece band that has played 2,500 shows in 450 cities that was founded by a bass player! That’s right! Her name is Boogie Cindy and her band, Boogie Wonder Band has been around since 1996.

It’s always awesome to hear of a successful band that is anchored by a bass player!


According to Cindy, she has about 17 years of experience. While she, as a child, dreamed of being a famous bowler, she found music instead – which we’re fine with. According to No Treble magazine, Cindy and her band played in exclusive parties for “Celine Dion, Donald Trump for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Cirque du Soleil, and Just for Laughs last July in Montreal.”

They seem to have a kick out of their gigs as well, check out this compilation of some of their shows below:

Who’s your favorite musician?

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Music
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For us at Tree Rat Records, we like to think that one of the most talented and gifted musicians of all is undoubtedly so Jaco Pastorius.


Here’s a quote from his official page‘s bio:

Jaco Pastorius may well have been the last jazz musician of the 20th century to have made a major impact on the musical world at large. everywhere you go,sometimes it seems like a dozen times a day, in the most unlikely places you hear jaco’s sound; from the latest tv commercial to bass players of all stripes copping his licks on recordings of all styles, from news broadcasts to famous rock and roll bands, from hip hop samples to personal tribute records, you hear the echoes of that unmistakable sound everywhere. (it may even be more imitated at this point than the previously most pervasive jazz sound to escape into the broader culture beyond the local borders of jazz, the moody harmon mute stylings of miles davis). for all the caterwauling that has gone on about new musicians that have shown up in recent years being toted as the “next miles”, or the “duke ellington of their generation”, or whatever, jaco outranks all of them and all of that by being the one and the only of his kind, without predecessor; the only post 1970 jazz musician known on a first name basis with all music fans of all varieties everywhere in the world. from the depths of africa where he is revered in almost god-like status to the halls of most every music university on the planet. to this day, and maybe more than ever, he remains the one and the only JACO.

And we agree. He remains the one and the only JACO.

Here’s a sweet video of him playing A Portrait of Tracy: