It has come to my attention recently that Keith “Sabu” Crier, the bass player for the popular disco band GQ (the guys who made it in the 70s with the song Disco Night) has unfortunately died.

He was 58-years-old at the time of his death. The reasons behind the occurrence that led to his death were not disclosed. It’s always very sad to learn that a great musician has left us so soon.

Here’s Keith “Sabu” Crier with GQ:


It isn’t often that you learn of someone attempting to provoke an audience by not knowing how to play an instrument while pretending to be able to play, but it’s even less frequent to learn of someone that provoked an audience by not even pretending at all to play their instrument while reportedly ATTEMPTING to pretend to play!

Wait, what?

Yeah. A model in Poland reportedly played pretend as a guitar player but was so bad at it (or poorly instructed on how to behave) she simply held on to a guitar that was upside down the entire time.

How about that for a good laugh at the beginning of your week, huh? I dig it.


Everybody’s favorite grunge band will never stop bringing fans of all walks of life together. Eery bit of news story regarding Nirvana is enough to make people stop anything they are doing to learn more of what it’s all about.

Kurt Cobain’s spell is never going to be easy to break.

Recently, Nirvana’s bass player Krist Novoselic was interviewed about the late Cobain’s somewhat strange lyrics and their meanings. According to Novoselic, he believes that Cobain’s lyrics were always open, meaning they didn’t have to be interpreted in a particular way.

According to the bass player “there is imagery on [Nirvana’s third and final album, ‘In Utero’] that I would never express to people.” During the interview with Rolling Stone mag, Novoselic said about Nirvana’s lyrics “we’re each entitled to our own interpretations. But none of them are the definitive one. He’s the only one who can give that — and he’s gone.  And he never gave one while he was alive.”

Cobain’s art was also somewhat strange and difficult to interpret. Some even thought his art to be disturbing. During the interview, Novoselic also talked about the type of art Cobain was into and how some of the stuff he did for In Utero resembled “creepy dolls.”

You can read more on this interview by clicking here.

Wildphyr live!

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One of the bands I have the pleasure to be part of will be playing live at King King on the 17th of November.

To warm up for the show, I’m leaving you guys with a little video of a show we played recently. Hope you dig it.

Have yourself a wonderful Wednesday!

We never miss an opportunity to pay homage to the one and only Jaco Pastorius.

When most of the most easily recognizable musicians are often the guitar player or the vocalists, few bass players get the place in the sun some of them righteously deserve. Jaco is one of the few who got to become a well-respected musician on his own.

Pastorius suffered from bipolar disorder through his life and might have had a different end to his story if more attentive of his illness but when it comes to talent, dedication and passion for his instrument, however, there are few who can compare.

If you have an hour and a half to spare and you are passionate about BASS playing, check out this video of Jaco teaching lessons on modern electric basses and experience what one commenter described as a “bass humiliation”!


This bass is made of a 50,000-year-old chunk of Kauri wood. That’s correct!

The Ancient Kauri wood was spotted in a small general store on Madeline Island. The search for a shop that would work with such an old piece of wood to come up with the perfect Jazz bass was relentless. Apparently, no shop owner from coast to coast felt they could manage it. The only place that took on the job was USA Custom. The guy at the shop was thrilled about the opportunity… and if you asked me, this baby looks sweet!

I wish I could get a chance to play it…

Check out the pictures:

Sweet, huh!?

The full article can be found here.

I’m not sure where you guys get all of your music from but in the age of streaming, certain features may be quite helpful, especially when all you need is some me-time of pure music listening, no intervals, no advertising.

I recently found a plug in for Google Chrome, which is one of my favorite, most used browsers that might also help you.

SoundControl for Pandora will mute commercials and help you out by letting you enjoy a flawless musical experience! I love it! Click here to check it out.