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Saw this and couldn’t help to share with all of you, this guy will teach the coolest party trick:


Have you ever asked yourself what purpose that old 80’s computer your dad put away in the garage at some point could serve nowadays?

This lady got an old Commodore 64 and actually used it to build a BASS GUITAR! That’s correct.

How badly do you want it? I want one of those BAD!

Check it out:

It isn’t often that you learn of someone attempting to provoke an audience by not knowing how to play an instrument while pretending to be able to play, but it’s even less frequent to learn of someone that provoked an audience by not even pretending at all to play their instrument while reportedly ATTEMPTING to pretend to play!

Wait, what?

Yeah. A model in Poland reportedly played pretend as a guitar player but was so bad at it (or poorly instructed on how to behave) she simply held on to a guitar that was upside down the entire time.

How about that for a good laugh at the beginning of your week, huh? I dig it.


This bass is made of a 50,000-year-old chunk of Kauri wood. That’s correct!

The Ancient Kauri wood was spotted in a small general store on Madeline Island. The search for a shop that would work with such an old piece of wood to come up with the perfect Jazz bass was relentless. Apparently, no shop owner from coast to coast felt they could manage it. The only place that took on the job was USA Custom. The guy at the shop was thrilled about the opportunity… and if you asked me, this baby looks sweet!

I wish I could get a chance to play it…

Check out the pictures:

Sweet, huh!?

The full article can be found here.

I’m not sure where you guys get all of your music from but in the age of streaming, certain features may be quite helpful, especially when all you need is some me-time of pure music listening, no intervals, no advertising.

I recently found a plug in for Google Chrome, which is one of my favorite, most used browsers that might also help you.

SoundControl for Pandora will mute commercials and help you out by letting you enjoy a flawless musical experience! I love it! Click here to check it out.

When all I need is a little bass-related fun, I surely love to look for them GIFs and memes of music-related content all over the internets.

It’s easily one of my favorite things. I’m sure this sloth over here agrees with me, especially after dropping the bass so hard:

What about this cat? It looks like it’s getting the willies out of the tune it’s rocking!

Anyhoo, what you really should be mindful of what is the power of dropping that bass… things could get ugly…

Have an awesome Tuesday, folks!