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Saw this and couldn’t help to share with all of you, this guy will teach the coolest party trick:


We never miss an opportunity to pay homage to the one and only Jaco Pastorius.

When most of the most easily recognizable musicians are often the guitar player or the vocalists, few bass players get the place in the sun some of them righteously deserve. Jaco is one of the few who got to become a well-respected musician on his own.

Pastorius suffered from bipolar disorder through his life and might have had a different end to his story if more attentive of his illness but when it comes to talent, dedication and passion for his instrument, however, there are few who can compare.

If you have an hour and a half to spare and you are passionate about BASS playing, check out this video of Jaco teaching lessons on modern electric basses and experience what one commenter described as a “bass humiliation”!


Real-world practicing tips on how to play are hard to come by.

I would like to help you guys to learn how to play better and practice your bass like you mean it, but you must first be TOTALLY INTO your instrument.

I made a video to share some of my tips where I teach you that it’s always best not to lock your joints, to play on top of the fret, and always find ways to practice without your bass! By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube page, what are you waiting for!? 😀

Video is below:


It’s not always easy to figure out how to get your left hand to obtain that flowing feeling while playing a bass. I decided to give you guys a help by making the video below, hope you enjoy it!

It’s a hard thing to come by the perfect method of practicing C scales… But I think I might have found a way to teach you just the easiest one! Check it out:

Hello world! And welcome to my new website! I hope you enjoy I’ll be giving you hints on how to play your bass better and talking about music and music industry news every now and then. But first, I would like to share a little lesson with you.

This is one of my most-watched videos online “How to play a walking bass line, simple”! I’m going to stop talking now and let you watch it for yourself. Enjoy!