About Andrew “Squirrel” Roberts


Andrew “Squirrel” Roberts is a musician who’s passionate about music and about teaching music.

Squirrel learned classical music and Jazz at an early age before getting a formal musical education at Aims Community College in Loveland, Colorado. He toured the country with several bands like Skinned and Wildphyr, just to name a few. He recorded albums with the bands we cited previously as well as countless other musicians. He also managed to record an entire solo album while attending to Musicians Institute full-time.

You can catch a series of samples of his recordings here.

Andrew “Squirrel” Roberts has taught bass to several students at Power Chord Academy and Slick’s Steel Sound while also teaching private lessons.

He has a YouTube channel, would be more than glad to give you some of the best tips on how to play your bass much better and would love to teach you personally, if you want to get noticed as a bass player!

Contact us for more details on private lessons by sending an email to treeratrecordings@gmail.com.